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Why Would Someone Hire a Fertility Coach?

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

In a world where there are over a million doctors in the United States alone, many people wonder why someone would need a fertility coach to guide them through their infertility, pre-conception and pregnancy journey. Many physicians freely offer advice on nutrition, safety matters, what drugs and supplements might be safe. Yet, the access to a doctor is just not as free as some hope it would be. If you feel your doctor is great, they probably are! There are so many caring and outstanding practitioners out there.

A fertility coach is different, however. Here is a glimpse in to what working with me is like.

In the early communication phase I ask you questions to learn about your health, habits and history. You would fill out a questionnaire and detail all pertinent health history you can think of. As a fertility professional, I have learned that many parts of the body are connected, even the ones we might not think are. Relevance is subjective when it comes to our bodies. They decide what will cause a domino effect of symptoms.

I often teach someone how to chart their fertility from home in my first meeting with them. This includes taking a daily record of symptoms that might indicate fertility. Such as, cervical mucus and cervical position, basal body temperature, cramping, breast tenderness, mood and more. Upon observation, I will learn what your fertility looks like behind the scenes. With the Fertility Awareness Method, I empower you to peer in and see what about your cycle could use tweaking. Are you timing intimacy correctly? Is your progesterone too low to support a baby? Are you estrogen dominant? We can make fairly accurate guesses based on how your fertility chart reveals you are doing.

Then there are five groups of people I primarily work with. Someone:

  1. Trying to conceive and experiencing infertility, miscarriage or loss.

  2. Not yet trying, but wanting to prepare their body and optimize their pregnancy.

  3. Having issues with their menstrual cycle and undesirable side effects.

  4. Actively going through fertility treatments and wanting to increase their chances of conception.

  5. Preventing pregnancy, but avoiding hormonal birth control and needing a reliable method to help pregnancy not occur.

In this blog post, I am going to focus on those preparing for pregnancy or experiencing infertility.

In your second session we would first and foremost determine your why and anchor to that. Helping you envision and connect to your goals, your support system and your future baby.

Habits, gratitude, journaling and stress release all have documented effects on lowering cortisol, which scientifically supports progesterone levels. I am always just a message away when you need to talk something out or vent. Our weekly sessions are a getaway in to reflection and learning. I teach you new things each week, we introduce new habits and tweak your routines to suit you better.

I have many tools in my arsenal that help me narrow down your symptoms in to a grouping and give you a Fertility Type. Once we know this type, I can then start making nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. These changes can be as intense as you want them to be. We can start small and keep adding or jump two feet in to a program to help optimize your body and health. I have a supplement toolbox that I can use to determine what deficiencies you might be experiencing (with further testing of course). And I guide you as you advocate for testing from your doctor.

Once we have a treatment plan narrowed down, I work with you each day or as needed to

sustain your habits and keep you anchored to your future baby. We will prepare your home by detoxing it and removing harmful chemicals and issues that could be holding you back. Things like unfinished or neglected home repairs, clutter and leaks can be causing stress and ill health effects that I can bring to your attention.

Stress relief is a key component when trying to welcome a baby in to your womb. Whether

you choose exercise, meditation, a hobby, connecting with your friends or other stress relief practices, I help you employ them in your life. Navigating self sabotage and roadblocks or shipwrecks you might experience can prepare you for dealing with all of the challenges family life can bring to your future. I teach you to be loving, compassionate and true to yourself.

Infertility can be a pricey diagnosis. Many spend tens of thousands building their family. My clients all benefit from a sit down lesson to help them budget for the expense and future of their family. Working extra hours, selling extra items from around the house or picking up odd jobs are all effective ways to help you afford the pathway you are taking. I can help you decide what is most practical for you and guide you as you put it in to practice.

When hopelessness is knocking at your door, I can step in and help you take matters back in to your own hands. In a way that will not control or depress you, but empower you. You too can stand and look in to the future with confidence that you will surely have a plan, a method to achieve your plan and the accountability to follow through.

I have:

  • Attended fertility appointments with my clients and helped them request testing, medicines, supplements and allow them to gain informed consent on all procedures.