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My Best Preconception and Hormonal Health Tips!

I have people ask me all. the. time. what I think are the best things to do starting even a year before planning to try to conceive a baby. Here I am to compile all of my favorite resources. Hope you enjoy! (None of the links below are affiliate links. Just my own experience and helpful resources compiled).

1. Drink Enough Water - Water is VITAL for your cells. I'm sure you already know this. Yet, almost all of us struggle to get enough in to our daily life.

How much water is enough? Between 64 fl oz and 0.67% of your body weight in ounces is how much your daily need is. One of my favorite ways to make sure I get enough water is to have a big water bottle that I love to drink out of. Personally, I really like my Hydroflask. It keeps things cold for hours on end and the straw is nice and easy to clean (you're welcome Hydroflask for the free plug!)

2. Work out Cycle Issues Starting Now - Are you Charting your fertility? Check out the book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility (eBay often has used copies for $4 shipped!) and start the method outlined in the book. If you notice your chart is less than textbook, your cervical fluid is not up to par, your temperatures aren't staying steady, start troubleshooting. My favorite troubleshooting guide is The Period Repair Manual. You can find your issue, read about what to do and start researching supplements that might help you. I also do free consultations and am happy to address any specific concerns you have. Just fill in this form. My favorite charting apps are, Kindara and Ovaview. Search for these on your App Store or Google Play Store.

3. Clean Up your Diet - I have found on my journey some really good resources to get people introduced to a healthy way of eating. Trim Healthy Mama is a great stepping stone to lowering blood sugar and jump starting your hormoes again. I love Paleo type diets that eliminate the toxins and inflammatory response that can be caused by dairy. My biggest bit of advice: cut the unhealthy carbs, cut the conventional meat. Switching to all pasture raised meat is one of the greatest things you can do for your health. It lowers inflammation with higher levels of Omega 3's, reduces the effects of dirty mycotoxins (from the animal consuming moldy feed). When your hormone receptors are no longer bogged down from processing a sick animals hormones, it can start working on your own.

4. Clean Your Cupboards - This can be daunting. And expensive. So work gradually. Check products and ingredients on the Healthy Living App (EWG). Detergent, cleaning products, soaps, shampoo and conditioner, makeup, any processed foods, etc, should be checked.

5. Supplement Regimens - Another possibly overwhelming task. Make a list of must take, should take and as needed supplements. Contact me for more ideas, refer to the Period Repair Manual or ask your naturally minded doctor or naturopath.

All of these things can take time and energy to sort out. It can feel exciting, daunting, productive or difficult. My 90-day Preconception Program details these steps and adds the accountability and follow through needed to accomplish them. For a free consultation over the phone or in person (if you're local), fill out this form!

Thanks for reading!

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