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Self Indulgence Masked in a Self Care Guise

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Target! Ever heard of that place? I LOVE going there. I love strolling every aisle. I love sugary coffee. Forgetting about my budget for a couple of hours and just impulse buying everything I think is pretty. I'm excited on the drive home. Thinking about the new makeup I want to try, the sweater I bought and the 13 (non-necessity) pieces of clothes I bought for my kids. I get home, take all the tags off and wash it all. Only to forget what I bought.

Wandering around felt fantastic and relaxing. A quick little getaway from real life. But whats the cost? Well, I blew my "clothing" budget by $109. I'm now frantically searching for protein to balance my blood sugar back out because my body pretty much hates me any time I eat or drink simple carbs. Then I look around my house and list whatever I can let go of on Facebook Marketplace to ease the damage I just did.

This is not self-care. There is NO WAY this recreates or refreshes anyone. I get anxious just thinking about it. Why does this feel so good at the moment, but the aftershocks are so not pleasurable?

The answer is the mass release of dopamine. The reward center of the brain. It keeps you coming back for more because last time you performed said action, you were rewarded with a flood of good feelings. Later you develop dopamine resistance and need more stimulation to mimic this "reward" you once received.

It's a band-aid fix for something so much bigger. You cannot patch your life with tiny adhesive pads and expect not to crumble the next time Murphy's law strikes your household.

So you're disappointed that you didn't get good news on your progesterone test results. Your OPK test never turned positive. Your HCG test is stark white for the 70th month in a row. Your spouse said something insensitive and isn't apologizing. You got an unexpected bill. What do you do in these instances when you just need to medicate the anger, depression, and resentment with something, anything?

Here are 4 of my favorite coping mechanisms:

1. Guided meditation - Check out the Breathe App

2. Bible (or other Motivational Text) Reading - to read the bible free check out

3. Nourish Your Body - Choose a nutrient dense source of SOMETHING. Bone broth, vegetable juice, fat bombs, supplements, something to really cram some extra good into your cells.

4. Get into Nature - Take a hike, climb a mountain, choose a trail, sit on a park bench and breathe that fresh air. Stay off of your devices and reflect.

Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts or feedback! Hope you enjoyed today's post.

My family and I climbing Bear Mountain in NY

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