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Are you Ignoring Symptoms?

When I first began my health journey back in 2013, I went to see a chiropractor. We were going over my health history and I was divulging every bit of information I could think of that was pertinent to her actually helping me get better. I was desperate. My symptoms had been in the way of my daily life for years. I had two surgeries, took so many supplements, saw many doctors. I was over it. My pocketbook, over it, too.

She was asking me about my periods. I was on the pill at the time. My periods were painful and irregular, even on hormonal birth control. Sometimes I would skip my placebo pills in my pill pack to "skip my period," which I later learned wasn't even possible, because it is not a period, but a hormonal breakthrough bleed. She said, "you're supposed to just have a little period, without pain, without heavy bleeding. It just shows up and you barely know it's there. Then it's gone and you're back to your next hormonal phase."

My immediate response in my head was, "lady, no. Everyone I know has painful periods. Literally everyone." I had no idea that was even a thing. I took her up on her suggestions. At least the ones I could afford and soon my periods were better. I would have never even known that was a symptom of something more if someone hadn't told me.

I was pretty hooked on to the fact that nutrition, natural medicine and herbs could actually help me. I told a lot of unsuspecting friends my new knowledge. Some tried it and it worked for them too. .

I want you to think of your ailments. List them out. Let's do some digging to piece it all together. If you send them to me, I'll write you an email full of feedback and ideas, free of charge. My intention as a coach is to help others. I work with a tender and compassionate outlook. You deserve to feel better. If you are struggling with infertility, I dream for you to have a baby in your arms. You will be the best mother. If you are struggling with symptoms from hormonal birth control, let me teach you an effective way to prevent pregnancy and actually control your symptoms in a healthier way.

You deserve to hear your body out. Email me!

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