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Integrative Fertility

90-Day Preconception


Why Hire a Fertility Coach?

When trying to conceive for an extended amount of time, there can be a host of factors at play. Having support to help you systematically look at every aspect of your health and lifestyle can improve your chances greatly for conceiving at home or at the fertility clinic. Hope & Healing's philosophy is to offer body, mind, home and spiritual support to all client's who bring us into their life. Most importantly, a Fertility Coach can offer valuable emotional support in helping you beat infertility and build your family. We are on your side and provide the sense of community and teamwork that fosters a safe haven to bring a child in to. 

Holding Tummy

More than a diet plan!

Want the best chances of conceiving? 

If you’re like me, you probably love learning about nutrition and health information. You might even already know a lot about what to eat for your fertility, you’re just not getting the results! I want to help you change that. The first step is the right education. Through years of research and working with clients in my practice, what we’ve discovered is that we need an integrative approach to support optimal fertility that goes far beyond diet and the basic medical interventions. The truth is, more support is needed. If you want to get the right support, the right system, and the results you desire then you have to address the whole person in a systematic manner. In this way we can uncover the root cause of your suffering and start getting the results you desire.

Your Customized Step by Step Plan Will Include:

  • Practical strategies that make it simple to follow through.

  • Transformational work from the inside out to help your entire being welcome a new child in to your world.

  • Natural ways to reach your fertility goals.

  • Lessons on how to interpret your cycles. Are you ovulating? Is your cervical fluid conducive to sperm and egg meeting? What can we do to help you?

  • A customized eating plan. Enhance your lifestyle to reduce toxins that could be inhibiting your fertility.

  • How to let go of what is holding you back, zone in on what is important and grow with ease.

Fertility Coaching is more than just a list of ideas to incorporate. My program works to help ensure you are doing ALL you can during these 90-days and beyond. You will become the best version of yourself during the course of this program. Not only to benefit you and your partner, but also your future baby.

The 4 Pillars we Address:

Pillar One: Physical Health

  • Learn what to eat and what to put on your body.

  • Take the Toxicity Quiz that will help you find alternatives to toxins you might be exposed to in daily life. Reducing endocrine disruptors that can hijack your hormones.

  • Natural ways to reach your fertility goals.

  • Identify your personal ovulation signs.

  • A customized eating plan. Enhance your lifestyle to reduce toxins that could be inhibiting your fertility.

  • Pick up on any hormone imbalances and learn what to do to correct them.

  • Learn what foods your body is craving and what not to eat for your fertility.

Pillar Two: Mental Health

  • Adopt a fertile mindset. Keep your body and mind in balance.

  • Turn your stress into calm and ease.

  • Free yourself from guilt and shame in regards to caring for yourself. 

  • Learn self love and self care strategies.

  • Strengthen your relationship with your partner.

Pillar Three: Financial Health

  • Identify cracks in your budget so you can make your money go further.

  • Create a savings plan for your fertility plan and budget.

  • Learn to view money in a way that will build your wealth instead of drain your wealth.

Pillar Four: Spiritual Health

  • Balance work and play so you can find joy out of life.

  • Plan for the future so you can make the most of the life you are given.

  • Learn how to get it all done everyday. Channel your energy to connect with your future baby and your life’s purpose.

One on One Coaching

This plan includes 12 Hours of intuitive Coaching with Mikayla. I am available by email for questions and troubleshooting apart from sessions. This high level of accountability gets results! We will work to root out what no longer services you and empower your fertility!

You Will Gain the Ability to...

  • Get unhooked from your emotional triggers so you can make level headed decisions with ease.

  • View your stressors from a different perspective so you can make choices that will help you reach your highest potential.​​

  • Gain unconfined commitment to reaching your goals.

  • Get unstuck in this chapter of your life. So you can move on and reach your goals!

  • Adopt an “I can” mindset.


Just consider all that having a PLAN can do for you! The practical tools, support and accountability to follow through. Someone to hear you, believe you, guide you, celebrate with you and comfort you. What can you accomplish with this endless support? Let's get you many steps closer to meeting your baby and growing your family. 

Let's have coffee and see if my program is right for you!

Space in my schedule for 90-day coaching is limited and this program isn't for everyone. My program is not a quick fix, get pregnant fast solution. It is for those dedicated to getting the results they want. I promise I will not ask you to do anything crazy, but I do want to ensure all who apply are fully ready for the commitment and progress they are about to see!

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